Here is a list of high paying careers that can help you take a decision on your career and future.

  • Air Traffic Controllers : People who organize and control the flow of airplanes in and out of the airport.

  • Real Estate Brokers : People who deal with the selling of residential properties on behalf of their clients.

  • Transportation Managers : They work out all the logistics for the firm. He is responsible for mapping out the best routes and developing strategies to increase revenue.

  • Nuclear Power Reactor Operators : They run the machine at nuclear reactors.

  • Gaming Managers : Managers at a casino. They are responsible for creating policies for the various games and regulating the daily activities of that casino.

  • Power Distributors : Individuals hired for controlling the flow of electricity through different lines and distribute to industrial plants or substations.

  • Ship Engineers : They operate and maintain all machinery on a ship. They also look after propulsion engines, generators and pumps.
  • Anesthesiologists : Medical doctors who administer anesthesia.

  • Internists : Science graduates who deal with internal medicines.

  • Pharmacists : Health professionals practicing pharmacy.

  • Dentists : Medical doctors who treat dental related ailments.

  • Judges : Officials who preside over any happenings in a court.

  • Chief Executive : This job can be related to any industry. All major companies pay very high salaries to chief executives of their company.

  • Computer Professionals : People who are into software, hardware and other relate computer programs.

  • Marketing Managers : Managers who deal with sales and marketing of company‚Äôs products and services. They are responsible for generating higher revenues for the company and enhancing brand awareness.


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