Following is the list of different careers in helping people :

  • Barbers : People who help people by cutting their hairs, shaving and trimming beard.

  • Beauty Therapists : People who provide facial and body treatments to enhance the overall appearance of an individual.

  • Building Cleaning Workers : People who work in huge residential buildings and offices to clean dirt and bring hygiene to the society.

  • Catering Workers : People who provide and manage a function by organizing the menu.

  • Chefs, Cooks, and Kitchen Workers : People who cook for you and estimate food requirements in hotels, guest houses or in your kitchen.

  • Childcare Workers : People who look after young children when their parents are out for work or holiday.

  • Correctional Officers : People who look after security, custody and welfare of individuals arrested for a crime.

  • Dental Assistants : People who provide dental care to patients and look after the laboratories as well.

  • Firemen : People who are trained and equipped to extinguish fire.

  • Fitness Workers : People who instruct and motivate individuals for physical exercises.

  • Flight Attendants : They look after the safety of the public traveling by flight.

  • Grounds Maintenance Workers : People who perform different tasks to maintain a pleasant outdoor environment at the airport.

  • Investigators : People who work as detectives to investigate crimes and other related work.

  • Personal Aides : People who look after an individual including health and home care.

  • Pest Control Workers : People who are involved in controlling pest and preventing diseases.

  • Police and Detectives : People who are responsible for maintaining peace in the society by monitoring crime activities.

  • Recreation Workers : People who train individuals in various different activities that they enjoy.

  • Security Guards : People who are paid to protect property, asset and people of a particular society.

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